School Improvement

School Improvement Plan (SIP) Training FY19

SIP WEBINARS:  9-6-18, 7:30AM, 9-13-18, 12:00PM, or 9-20-18, 3:00PM

LINK:  https://connect.palmbeachschools.org/sipfy19/

Mandatory SIP training was offered to principals and school teams from August 2, 2018 - September 28, 2018.  Schools were offered the choice to attend face-to-face or webinar sessions.  Additionally, optional lab time and/or individual support was available for school teams.

School Improvement Plan (SIP) District Strategic Plan Alignment

SIP Requirement: All District schools must ensure that one (1) CIMS Goal aligns to the District Strategic Plan.  Alignment Webinars were provided through the School Improvement TrainingAdditionally, All District Schools are required to include meet the requirements for School Board Policy 2.09 that reads:

Schools are required by the Florida Department of Education to complete their School Improvement Plan (SIP) templates with the assistance of their School Advisory Councils. In addition to the content in the SIP template, schools are required to include:
Single school culture and appreciation of multicultural diversity (applicable to all grade levels).

Content as required by Florida Statute 1003.42(2), as applicable to appropriate grade levels, including but not limited to:
History of Holocaust,
History of Africans and African Americans,
Hispanic Contributions,
Women's Contributions
Sacrifices of Veterans.

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SAC Chairs are encouraged to view all presentations with the SAC membership.

District Accreditation

This audio enhanced PowerPoint provides an overview of the AdvancED Standards for Schools.