Frequently Asked Questions: Making Online Pre-Payments by Credit Card

When can I begin to use a credit/debit card as form of payment online?

Answer: January 1, 2014

Can I pay by Credit Card in the fingerprinting office when I arrive to be fingerprinted or have my badge renewed?

Answer: YES. 

Where can I find information on how to pay for fingerprint/badge renewal fees with a credit card online?

Answer: Visit the School Police Fingerprinting web page (CLICK HERE). Please note, if you choose to pay online, payments must be made online AT LEAST 24 hours in advance of your arrival to the fingerprinting office and you MUST bring your payment confirmation receipt with you as proof of online payment.

What is the link to pay fingerprinting/badge renewal fees?


Do you take MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover?

Answer: The District currently accepts MasterCard or VISA only.

Can a debit card be used?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is backed by MasterCard or VISA and can be used as a Credit Card. You will not be able to enter your PIN as a debit transaction.

Will my credit card information be stored or deleted after completing my transaction?

Answer: Your account information is only available to you, via your unique login details. School Cash Online will only access your details if requested to do so by you or your school/school district in a secure manner.

Will the funds be withdrawn on the same day after I have completed the transaction?

Answer: Most payments are deducted within three (3) business days. It does depend on your individual bank as to the frequency.

How will I know if my transaction was successful or went through?

Answer: If you have reached the payment receipt page, then yes, your payment should have been successful. If you are in any doubt as to the success of your payment, select the "Payment History" tab, which will give you historic information on payments made.

Will I receive a confirmation number after I have completed my transaction?

Answer: You will receive receipt information on screen once your payment has been successfully processed. You are able to print a copy of the receipt by clicking the Print icon.

Can I set up for Automatic Payment to renew my badge each year?

Answer: NO

Will I have the ability to submit fingerprinting and/or badge renewal fees for multiple employees/individuals/vendors/contractors?

Answer: No - in those instances we encourage you to continue to contact the fingerprint office and to continue to utilize school District Form 2281 for multiple submissions.

Can I still pay by money order if I don't have a credit card?

Answer: YES

Will I be allowed to pay for someone else's fingerprinting/badge renewal fees?

Answer: YES

*Please Note: The Following Items are Required to Pay by Credit Card:
1. Your billing address must be associated with the credit card being used for payment.

2. An email address is required when creating an account.

3. Your online credit card payment must be completed AT LEAST 24 hours in advance of your arrival to the fingerprinting office and you MUST bring a printed copy of your receipt with you as proof of pre-payment. OR you may choose to pay via credit card in person in the fingerprint office.

To make a payment, CLICK HERE

For instructions on how to make an online payment, CLICK HERE