Central Office

Main Telephone: (561) 383-2000

F & R Application Inquiries: (888) 383-2025(561) 383-2025

Main Fax: (561) 383-2043

Mailing Address: 3661 Interstate Park Road N., Suite 100, Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Directions from I-95: Exit at Blue Heron Blvd, go east to Garden Road (1st traffic light). Turn south on Garden Road.

After approximately a 1/2 mile, turn right on Interstate Park Road North. School Food Service is on the right.

Employee Department Directory



Allison Monbleau
Phone: (561) 383-2021
eMail: allison.monbleau@palmbeachschools.org

General Manager

Maggie Prieto
General Manager
Phone: (561) 383-2022
eMail: magdalena.prieto@palmbeachschools.org
Financial Management


Corlette Brooks
Specialist - Financial Management
Phone: (561) 383-2083
eMail: Corlette.Brooks@palmbeachschools.org

  • Meal Account Information
  • Refund Request
  • Responsible for all Financial Procedures
  • Grant Compliance and Claiming
 Manager - Innovative Concept Development

Steven Bonino
Manager - Innovative Concept Development
Phone: (561) 882-1925
eMail: Steve.bonino@palmbeachschools.org

  • Oversees the Equipment and Facilities Team
  • SFS Fleet Management
Nutrition Services


Jamie McCarthy Probst, R.D., L.D./N
Manager - Nutrition Services
Phone: (561) 383-2059
eMail: jamie.mccarthy@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for District-Wide Menu Development
  • Nutrition Promotion
  • Special Dietary Needs 
  • Dietetic Internship Opportunities
Nutrition Services


Jennifer Havers, MPH, RD, LD/N
Specialist - Nutrition Services
Phone: (561) 383-2007
eMail: jennifer.havers@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for School Food Service Nutrition Education Programs
  • Nutrition & District Menu Promotion
  • Awards, Recognitions, & Grants 
  • FFVP Menu Development
Nutrition Services


Jeannine Rizzo
Wellness Coordinator - School Based Wellness
Phone: (561) 882-1904
eMail: Jeannine.Rizzo@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for Healthy School Team Initiative
  • District School Gardens


Heidi Schwab
Specialist - Procurement
Phone: (561) 383-2004
eMail: heidi.schwab@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for Department-Wide Procurement
Professional Development


Pete Wood
Specialist – Professional Development
Phone: (561) 383-2003
eMail: peter.wood@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for Professional Development for all School Food Service Employees
  • Manages the School Food Service Manager Intern Program
  • Manages the USDA Summer Food Service Program
School Based Operations


Lori Dornbusch
Manager - School Based Operations
Phone: (561) 383-2035
eMail: lori.dornbusch@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for Overseeing all School Based Operations
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Auditing
  • Competency and Discipline
  • Supper Program
Technology Services and Meal Benefits


Robyn Riley
Specialist - Technology Services and Meal Benefits
Phone: (561) 383-2008
eMail: robyn.riley@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for all Technology to include:
    Touch Screen Point of Sale Registers, Tablets, Desktop Computers, and Peripherals
  • Maintains Point of Sale Accountability Software
  • Free & Reduced Meal Application Program
Wellness Promotion


Paula Triana, R.D., L.D./N
Manager - Wellness Promotion
Phone: (561) 383-2026
eMail: paula.triana@palmbeachschools.org

  • Co-chair of the Wellness Promotion Task Force
  • Responsible for the development of the Wellness Annual Report
Workforce Management


Denise Cargill
Manager - Workforce Development
Phone: (561) 383-2009
eMail: denise.cargill@palmbeachschools.org

  • Responsible for Personnel Training
  • Payroll
  • Summer Food Service
  • Employee Recruitment and Hiring
Senior Project Manager


Responsible for:

  • Responsible for Marketing and Design Initiatives
  • Responsible for the Rethink Campaign - All Schools
  • Project Portfolio Management