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Welcome to the SFS School Based Wellness page!

The scope of wellness where we focus our attention is on the importance of Nutrition, Emotional Well-being and Physical Activity.  In essence, SFS School Based Wellness provides support to our district partners in these areas specifically -- Nutrition Services, School Counseling and Physical Education.

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 and Healthy School Teams


The intention and purpose of this initiative is to establish a team at each school site, made up of team members who by the nature of their official school role contribute to the practice and infusion of wellness overall, are passionate about wellness and have expertise in this area.  Why a diversified team?  The overall benefits and success of any initiative is the result of people working together to provide options and opportunities.  Wellness is not a one size fits all practice.  To ensure that we are introducing a variety of practices to our students, considering and approaching wellness from varying perspectives is the goal so that every child can find at least one idea to implement and call their own.

Three Pillars of Wellness

All Healthy School Team leader and team members are encouraged to focus their efforts using the three pillars of wellness as their guide:  Nutrition, Emotional Well-being and Physical Activity.

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While every Healthy School Team has the autonomy to create a wellness culture on their school campus that will most benefit their student population, there are some mandatory responsibilities that they must oversee and fulfill each year which are as follows:

Ensure School Complaince with District's Wellness Promotion Policy
Monitor and Track Food Fundraisers
Ensure Submission of the Combined Annual Healthy School Team and Wellness Assessment


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Tools and Resources

 Fundraising and Vending Tracker

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 Supporting Documentssupporting documents image(Sample Invitation, Meeting Agenda) Marketing Flyermarketing flyer-graphic

Jeannine Rizzo, MPS  Wellness Coordinator Nutrition ServicesJeannine Rizzo, MPS

Wellness Coordinator Nutrition Services
Phone: 561-882-1904


Preliminary District Resources:

All of the resources below are preliminary versions and are in the process of being updated.

Questions? Call (888) 383-2025 for assistance

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