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Empowering Kids...to be Healthy and Smart from the Inside Out!  

Introducing...Luigi Liver, Sir Rebrum, Hardy Heart, The Kidney Brothers, Pepto the Stomach, Calci M. Bone, Peri Stolic, Peter Pancreas, Windy, and Madame Muscle!

The OrganWise Guys (OWG) is an interactive, evidence-based curricula that uses these fun characters, coupled with physical activity and nutrition lessons, to teach children how to make positive health, nutrition, and physical activity choices.  The OWG has been published in peer-reviewed literature to show significant weight, waist circumference, and blood pressure improvements, as well as higher standardized test scores, in children who participated in the program as compared to children who did not participate.

The cast of OWG characters empower children, as well as adults, to "be smart from the inside out" by teaching them about the negative impact of poor nutrition and lack of physical activity on each individual organ. The educational curricula focuses on the following principles of healthy living:

      • High Fiber
      • Low Fat
      • Lots of Water
      • Exercise

The School Food Service Department was excited to implement this program at all elementary schools.  Each elementary school cafeteria displays colorful and educational OWG Foods of the Month posters, the staff wear fun buttons, and laminated cards and window clings adorn the serving lines.

School-based Events

The OWG events include age-appropriate assemblies, classroom lessons, cooking demonstrations, taste testing, and participating in health fairs.  These fun and educational nutrition lessons are a great avenue for students to learn more about the ten characters, the organs they represent, and how students can keep them healthy for a lifetime. 

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      Nanique Gheridian

Assitant Wellness Coordinator
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The OWG Basket

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Schools planning on regularly integrating the OWG curricula with their students are given an OWG basket filled with all of the necessities - including a small OWG doll, music CD, apron, bookmarks, and stickers - to help make their OWG lessons a success.