Humanitarian Award

Kathy Willis Humanitarian Award160

Kathy Willis - Belvedere Elementary

Kathy found a 3-year-old on the sidewalk near the street. There were no adults in sight on the entire street nor was this child a student at her school. Kathy quickly jumped into rescue mode and brought the young child inside to her office and immediately called her Principal. Together with her Principal's assistance, they made sure the child was in a safe place while they worked to locate her parents. A big thanks go to Kathy for reacting so quickly when she noticed the child standing alone in the street.  If she had not acted so quickly this could have turned into a very unfortunate situation.


Rookie of the Year


Rhonda Milazzo - North Grade Elementary

Rhonda Milazzo is a new manager at North Grade Elementary.

She went into the school immediately recognizing some inventory control issues. She emptied and reorganized the entire storeroom, chemical room, walk in cooler, manager's office, and freezer. Cancelled deliveries from Sysco, and did add-ons of other products that were needed. She worked done the inventory to eventually get the kitchen to operate in a very efficient manner.

Rookie of the Year-160

Joseph Jones – Carver Middle

Joseph Jones-Joe has been the Interim Manager at Carver Middle since February, during his time there we had a major issue with the walk-in cooler and freezer and both units had to be shut down. He had to work out of cooler trucks, which had to be taken every couple of days to be re-fueled and upon return, Joe had to re-organize his inventory that was stored inside as during the drive everything would get tossed around.  Joe operated for weeks under these circumstances.  He worked tirelessly through it all, maintaining his decorum, and never uttered a peep to his field specialist or anyone else. Joe just did what he had to do to feed the students. 

100% Club

100% Club

  1. Grace-Ann Ferguson- Field Manager (Okeeheelee Md)
  2. Amanda Murphy – L.C. Swain Middle
  3. Andre Thompson – Plumosa Elementary
  4. Chantal (Anna) Pelton – Timber Trace Elementary
  5. Barry Katz – Forest Hill Elementary
  6. Christina Simmons – Freedom Shores Elementary
  7. Crystal Perez – Lake Worth Middle
  8. Desiree Jones – Crestwood Middle
  9. Donna MacDonald – Royal Palm Beach High
  10. Doris Hernandez – Acreage Pines
  11. Erica Thomas – C.O. Taylor Kirklane Elementary
  12. Glenn Wells – JFK Middle
  13. Hope Descalzo – Beacon Cove Elementary
  14. Jeannette Southard – Frontier Elementary
  15. Jennifer Tolbert – Lake Park Elementary
  16. Joanne Zotos – Grassy Waters Elementary
  17. Kathy Jo Belcourt – Royal Palm Beach Elementary
  18. Kimberly Dufort – Golden Grove Elementary
  19. Lisa Cordaro – Impendence Middle
  20. Lety Santiago – Belle Glade Elementary
  21. Susie Fitzpatrick – Loxahatchee Groves Elementary
  22. Toni Sturm – Addison Mizner Elementary
  23. Vicki Wallace – Crystal Lakes Elementary
  24. Victoria Penney – Jupiter Farms Elementary

Perfect Attendance Award

  1. Tina Ritenour – H.L. Watkins Middle
  2. Elaine Carhart – Christa McAuliffe Middle
  3. Shawn Tyree – Congress Middle
  4. Judy Lohmann – Rolling Green Elementary
  5. Glenn Wells – J.F. Kennedy Middle
  6. Debbie Hart – SFS Central Office
  7. Pat McAleney – SFS Central Office
  8. Lynn Granda – SFS Central Office

Years of Service Award

20 Years of Service

Cyndi Talbott, Royal Palm School

Years of Service Award

25 Years of Service

Doris Kinney, ( Green Coat) SFS Central Office

Years of Service Award

30 Years of Service

Nancy Jacobus, Meadow Park Elementary

Years of Service Award

30 Years of Service

Ruth Proctor, SFS Central Office

Years of Service Award

30 Years of Service

Lori Dornbusch, SFS Central Office

Recycling Right Award

Bonnie Rawlins – Galaxy E2 Elementary School

Bonnie developed a recycling center with the recycling bins and created a huge board poster which has the actual item glued to the board and an arrow to the correct bin. As the students bring their trays to the tray return they pass through the recycling area, after they place the items in the bins the only thing left on the tray is food waste.

In addition, part of the recycling program includes the Sharing Table, rather than using a table they use a rolling cart to place the unwanted items the student does not want, the rolling cart makes it a lot easier for the students and the lunchroom aide because there is not so much running around.  At the end of each lunch period, the unwanted food on the Sharing Table gets moved into a big cooler to go to a feeding shelter in the Boynton area, and this is handled by an administrator at the school.

The Code Red Award

This award goes to Joyce Grishaber, Palm Beach Gardens High School, Janice Badone, William T. Dwyer High School and Chantel Pelton, Timber Trace Elementary School

Last school year there was a Code Red called during the morning drop off at Timber Trace Elementary School. Since many buses hadn’t arrived yet, they were diverted to nearby Palm Beach Gardens High and William T Dwyer High until the all-clear was declared.  Both managers quickly made arrangements and set up cold breakfast lines to feed the extra students so that all those students received a breakfast and reassured the younger students that everything was fine. Dwyer served 100 extra students and Gardens served 250 extra students.

  Meanwhile back at Timber Trace, there were students already on campus that had to be protected so Chantel took 57 students into her storeroom to keep safe until the Code Red was lifted. To keep them calm she broke out the granola bars and beverages to distract them!  Additionally, Chantal has always been concerned about the safety of the students at Timber Trace.  Earlier this year, she recommended that a Code Red Lockdown Drill be conducted during lunch service to practice for a scenario where a large number of students are in the dining room.  This was done at the beginning of this year and proved to be very helpful during the lockdown that occurred on January 28th during breakfast.

Keep on Truckin’ Award

Bob Gold – BAK Middle School of the Arts

During the December winter break, the walk-in freezer went down at BAK Middle School of Arts. Bob immediately worked with his staff all day to empty the freezer, record inventory spoilage, and clean the kitchen in order to be ready for his students on Monday. Unfortunately, even after the clean-up, the smell of the spoiled food permeated through the kitchen, cafeteria and other areas of the school making it impossible to utilize the kitchen and cafeteria. The kitchen had to be closed and several departments were called to assist with freezer repairs, additional cleanup, and deodorizing.

A freezer truck was brought in to store the frozen items and other food was stored at a neighboring school for the next week. Bob and his staff went back and forth since nothing could be prepared at BAK. They prepared a variety of cold breakfast and lunch items each day that was transported to BAK and served on makeshift serving lines in the outside courtyard.

Although this was a huge endeavor, Bob never skipped a beat, always thinking of his students and their needs. He and his staff really showed how they put “Kids First”.

The Library Summer Food Service Pilot Recognition

Nancy Jacobus, Meadow Park Elementary

When Nancy was asked to run the Mandal Library Summer Food Service Pilot program she without hesitation said she will be happy to run the pilot program.

After a little panicking on my part, I thought, just call Nancy. When I called to explain how I needed her help with this new program I knew I was asking the right person to handle the pilot program for serving meals in libraries.

Nancy stepped up to the plate to operate this program without knowing how many kids, who’s working, what the menus are, who will work with her, what meals are being served, where she’ll park, how meals will be claimed, and how many days per week the program will operate. This was classic Nancy.  Needless to say, Nancy did an amazing job, why? Because she knew she would be feeding more kids, and that was what she is all about. The Kids!

Thank you, Nancy!