Menu Boards

Research, pilot, and implement new menu boards for all schools - 1 of 5 years


In July 2015, School Food Service began a project to retrofit all existing High School Reengineering (HSRP) Schools with digital menu boards. In addition, digital menu boards were included as part of the Santaluces HSRP renovations and are now a standard part of all HSRP schools. As of June 30, 2016, the District had 15 digital signage units which includes the six units installed at Royal Palm Beach High School.

Due to the success of the menu boards at the High School Reengineering Schools (HSRP), a decision has been made to also incorporate them into the Elementary Reimagination (ESRP) and Middle School Revitalization (MSRP) renovation projects.

For our Rethink campaign, we are proud to say that the assets to include; photography, graphic design, and nutrition education materials are all homegrown. Our marketing team is top notch and delivered an excellent product for the students.