Hiring Site Based Staff and Developing Staffing Pool - 1 of 3 years

Work Force and Meal Applications Team developed a process to handle the hiring of School Food Service Assistant I temporary employees for the schools.  Some of the processes included:

  • Soliciting for applicants by attending six job fairs throughout the year
  • Posting advertisements in PeopleSoft and the newspaper.
  • Worked with the School Based Operations team with placement of new hires
  • Field Specialist solicited each cafeteria manager who had a temporary SFS Assistant I to determine if the employee was a good candidate for permanent employment.
  • Each temporary employee was reviewed each 30 days for consideration of permanent employment at the assigned school
    • If the candidate was not meeting the needs at that school and the manager felt the temporary employee could be successful in another school the temporary employee was then transferred to a second school and evaluated after another 30 days. 
    • If employee was successful, he or she was permanently hired.
    • If the temporary employee was not successful then the manager and field specialist would terminate the temporary employee and notify SFS Central Office. 

Weekly meetings were held with each field specialist and their HR tech to discuss and research existing vacancies and assist with getting candidates cleared. These meetings proved to be valuable as each party was kept updated on the hiring status of candidates for their respective areas.

For the year we interviewed:

  • 565 applicants:
    • 173 were hired as SFS Assistant I temps
    • Schools hired 91 of the temps into permanent positions. 
  • The following is a status breakdown of the remaining applicants: 
    • 16 - pending submittal of documents
    • 63 - terminated/resigned
    • 45 - failed background check
    • 20 - failed Physical Demand Test
    • 130 - job offer was withdrawn for failure to communicate or return documents
    • 4 - ineligible due to unfavorable reference
    • 7 - ineligible due to previously terminated from the district
    • 24 declined position. 

In reviewing the number of applicants who did not respond by submitting the required documents, it was decided to establish a deadline for the applicant to return documents.  Once the deadline date has passed the offer is withdrawn.