IBM TRIRIGA is a software package that provides a single system to manage the lifecycle of facilities related functions such as work orders. It's integrated workplace management system increases the operational and financial performance of facilities.

Annually, the School Food Service (SFS) Equipment & Facilities Team (E&FT) manages approximately 5500 work orders. The SFS E&FT manages all work orders and responds to 60-65% of the work orders; approved vendors respond to the remaining 35-40%. This year, the Equipment & Facilities Team implemented the TRIRIGA system for processing work orders. Based on an approved responsibility matrix, the system was transitioned into all schools for work order facilitation by the School Food Service Managers. With this system, they now have the ability to enter work orders more efficiently. 

Training was provided to all SFS Managers and central office staff.


We believe this integrated workplace management system successfully delivered a single platform technology and core business application to manage the facilities assets within each and every school, district-wide.