Continue to upgrade our current steamers to the new combi-ovens - 5 of 5 years


Five years ago we recognized that the majority of our steamers (boiler-type) were reaching their life cycle expectancy. Therefore, within the next five year period, many would need to be replaced. The use of boiler-type steamers had outlived its efficiency; capacities were small, boilers were expensive to maintain, and they did not meet the annual inspection requirements.  Initially, several solutions were discussed and piloted including the use of boiler-less steamers; however, with growing program needs to include more products requiring steaming for preparation, a larger capacity unit was required. In investigating and piloting various pieces of equipment it was determined the combi-ovens were very user friendly, had large cabinet capacities (capable of cooking 2 and a half times more product than steamers previously used), and were at a reasonable price point. Initial pilots indicated maintenance costs to be lower than the costs of maintaining the boiler-type steamers and equal to those associated with the boiler-less steamers.


This year was our fifth and final year of this effort. We started the year with eleven units identified for replacement. The units were purchased, installations and demonstrations were scheduled. A final review was done for all school sites which identified three additional units that required replacement. These sites were evaluated to ensure appropriate utilities were available for the combi-oven requirements and replacement units were ordered. The remaining units arrived and installations were scheduled during the summer prior to the August 2016 school opening.

We have selected primary and secondary manufacturers who meet the needs of our elementary and secondary programs. These manufacturers units have been specified for current and future new and replacement construction specifications.