Recognition Program

Continue our recognition program for School Food Service employees - Ongoing


Most Improved School Environment Award

Barry Katz – Forest Hill Elementary

Barry changed the way School Food Service and the School's Administration partnered. He reached out to his Principal and the entire staff at Forest Hill Elementary, and has made them all feel welcome when coming in for meals or special requests. The whole atmosphere has become positive and friendly. Through Barry’s way of managing a successful operation, he lead by example to his staff. The staff has taken notice and have been following Barry’s lead on changing the camaraderie, which has had a huge effect on the increased participation for breakfast and lunch.

Crystal Perez – Lake Worth Middle

Crystal worked to make numerous improvements with the line service, she increased participation since her arrival. In addition, she immediately saw the need to change the “climate” of the operation. Crystal understood that the School Administration had never felt welcomed to enjoy the meal service made available to all adults. With Crystal’s hard work and professionalism she mended the relationship with Food Service and the School Administration team.


Creativity to Promote Program Award

The Creativity to Promote Program Award is given to the School Food Managers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to promote and market the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.  Activities reviewed, but not limited to include; giving presentations in the classroom, utilizing the school's website to advertise the programs, creating morning announcements, creating videos,  sponsoring themed events in the cafeteria, and participating in departmental promotions throughout the year.

Quinn Whiteside – Poinciana Elementary

Quinn worked hard throughout the year building a solid partnership between School Food Service and the School Administration. By doing so has created a well-balanced, friendly work atmosphere, and a welcoming environment for everyone to enjoy. Quinn’s dedication and hard work increased participation.

Andre Thompson - Plumosa Elementary

Andre worked diligently hiring and training an entire new staff. Andre focused on exceptional customer service for the students and faculty and created a warm, welcoming work environment. By doing so has increased overall participation.

Elaine Carhart – Christa McAuliffe Middle

To promote the Wellness Promotion Soul Source Project, Elaine suggested to her administration that instead of the schools "Dollar for No Collar" fund raiser, where students donate $1.00 to not have to wear the schools polo shirt that has a collar, they would instead donate a can of food to the Soul Source Project. It was so successful, they collected 22 milk crates of food and had to have the food bank come with their truck to pick it all up!

Irene Fenoy - Woodlands Middle

Irene created the "Breakfast Bell Ringer" to encourage students to come in for breakfast.  Irene stands at the point of sales with a timer set to go off during breakfast service. If the timer goes off while a student is at the POS, they will receive a Breakfast Sticker that they can trade at lunch for a cookie. The students love this! Breakfast participation has increased by a third.


Rookie of the Year

Each year School Food Service likes to recognize new managers who were shining stars in their first year as a manager.  Last year we had two outstanding Rookies.

Andrew Braker – Odyssey Middle

Started as the Manager of Odyssey Middle School and without notice was told his school was being selected for the 2015 audit. Without hesitation Andrew went above and beyond training, coaching, and guiding his staff to successfully passing the audit with zero findings.

Chantal (Anna) Pelton - Timber Trace Elementary

Chantal developed an excellent rapport with the School Administration and her School Food Service Team over the course of her first year.  This resulted in a stronger partnership with the school administrators at Timber Trace Elementary.  Chantal has been very proactive in resolving replacement meal issues, accountability for meals served outside the cafeteria and implementing a sharing table program.  One of her most important accomplishments in her first year was to persuade the school administration to conduct a code red drill in the cafeteria during lunch for the first time.


100% Club Award

The 100% Club Award is given to managers who received 100% on all of their annual reviews that were conducted by their Field Specialist: onsite review, both cash controls, National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and Safety and Sanitation reviews.

100% Club Award

Grace-Ann Ferguson - Field Manager (Okeeheelee Md)

Amanda Murphy – L.C. Swain Middle

Andre Thompson – Plumosa Elementary

Chantal (Anna) Pelton – Timber Trace Elementary

Barry Katz – Forest Hill Elementary

Christina Simmons – Freedom Shores Elementary

Crystal Perez – Lake Worth Middle

Desiree Jones – Crestwood Middle

Donna MacDonald – Royal Palm Beach High

Doris Hernandez – Acreage Pines

Erica Thomas – C.O. Taylor Kirklane Elementary

Glenn Wells – JFK Middle

Hope Descalzo – Beacon Cove Elementary

Jeannette Southard – Frontier Elementary

Jennifer Tolbert – Lake Park Elementary

Joanne Zotos – Grassy Waters Elementary

Kathy Jo Belcourt – Royal Palm Beach Elementary

Kimberly Dufort – Golden Grove Elementary

Lisa Cordaro – Impendence Middle

Lety Santiago – Belle Glade Elementary

Susie Fitzpatrick – Loxahatchee Groves Elementary

Toni Sturm – Addison Mizner Elementary

Vicki Wallace – Crystal Lakes Elementary

Victoria Penney – Jupiter Farms Elementary


Years Of Service Award

20 Years of Service

Kathy Bousanti - Del Prado El

Sandra Roberts - Pleasant City

Rhonda Tesch - SFS Office


25 Years of Service

Rosie Warren - Pahokee High

Francesca Stevens - SFS Office

Betsy Montante - SFS Office

Barbara Montesano - SFS Office

Joanne Zotos - Grassy Waters

Jonette Taub - Panther Run


30 Years of Service

Elaine Carhart – Christa McAuliffe

Higher Education Award

School Food Service encourages managers and other staff to pursue higher education degrees and every year we recognize the accomplishment of those who earn degrees.

Judy Lohmann – Rolling Green Elementary – Bachelor’s Degree

Special Recognition

School Food Service recognizes staff members when they go above and beyond when asked to perform tasks outside their daily routine.

Amy Shaffer, Dreyfoos High School of the Arts -

Amy ran and operated food service for the Learn Green Conference held at her school.  She managed the food delivery to serve over 1000 for breakfast and lunch.


Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance is awarded to staff members who did not miss any time during the prior year.

Tina Ritenour – H.L. Watkins Middle

Elaine Carhart – Christa McAuliffe Middle

Shawn Tyree – Congress Middle

Judy Lohmann – Rolling Green Elementary

Glenn Wells – J.F. Kennedy Middle

Debbie Hart – SFS Office

Pat McAleney – SFS Office

Lynn Granda – SFS Office