Keeping Employees Safe

Train staff in safety practices to decrease workers compensation claims - Ongoing


Keeping employees safe and having a safe environment for them to work in is a top priority for our department.  Safety starts with a training program that addresses areas of concern.  Trainings were developed to create conversational topics so employees are aware of the dangers.  The employee training at the beginning of the school year stressed the importance of using all of the safety gear that is provided by School Food Service such as goggles, face masks, protective gloves, and protective aprons.  Employees are especially reminded to always wear non-slip, non-skid shoes and to be aware of their surroundings to avoid slips, trips, and falls. 

Work Orders are also a tool to ensure that equipment and facilities do not present a danger or a source of injury.

Additionally, School Food Service collaborates with the District’s Risk and Benefit Management Department to be proactive in determining the areas that pose the greatest risk to employee safety and addressing ways to avoid them.  Injuries are tracked for each employee by school and followed up with reports to determine how similar injuries could be avoided in the future.  In hopes of decreasing the possibility of employees being hurt doing jobs they are not physically able to perform, this year Risk Management instituted a Physical Demand Test to ensure that employees are able to safely perform the duties required of the Food Service positions before they are hired. 

To ensure all employees remain safe, the Equipment Team technicians participated in Arc Flash Certifications training to make sure they are working safely around electricity.  An eLearning program for Arc Flash was developed for managers and their staffs to view so they would be aware of the dangers, as well.