Staffing Kitchens

Evaluate School Food Service site staffing needs, MPLH, supplements, and temporary services and make modifications where necessary - 2 of 3 years


This past year our strategy was to be more proactive in hiring employees through our Central Office.  This process takes strain off school secretaries, Principals, and cafeteria managers by having our staff at the central office schedule, interview, conduct background checks, and schedule the New Employee Orientation (NEO) class to get employees working at school sites in a shorter period of time.  Additionally, each newly hired staff member attends a New Employee Training Class the day after their NEO training to ensure that they are familiar with many of the job duties they will be performing in the kitchen and additional duties such as serving and cashiering.  Future employees are found at job fairs, through classified ads, and recommendations.  Just in the last month of the school year, approximately 150 employees have been hired following this process.