Inventory Accountability

Research new avenues to more accurately track inventory - 1 of 2 years


The School Food Service Department for years has assumed the responsibility of repairing and maintaining kitchen equipment used in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program. This responsibility was contemplated, assessed, developed, submitted to the USDA for review, and eventually approved by the USDA to be the responsibility of the School Food Service Department. The District's Maintenance & Plant Operations Department (M&PO) and School Food Service collaboratively designed and agreed upon a defined "responsibility matrix" to address repair and maintenance needs. Once Board approval was obtained the program began.

At the time we began this endeavor the Maintenance & Plant Operations Department was just starting to use a specialized work order system - Tririga. We had initially looked into utilizing this system; however, the implementation would take several months and the M&PO was just beginning implementation. Therefore, we opted to wait and see how well it worked for M&PO. In the meantime, we created and utilized our own system in SharePoint. This allowed for entering, receiving, and assigning work orders, and tracking related parts and materials. While the work order system worked well, it required a lot of manual input to enable tracking of vendor and parts invoicing. We again inquired about Tririga; however, there were still some issues that needed to be resolved.

In FY16 we started working with the District's Information Technology (IT) staff to revisit the Tririga system. The IT Department agreed to work cooperatively to implement the use of this system; the time lines were discussed and agreed upon.

The Tririga system has an elaborate inventory system capable of automatically assigning parts. When assigned, the parts transfer out to the designated technician and/or vehicle and attach them to the work order and facility when they are installed.

We started internally training in early May 2016, technicians completed their training by the end of June 2016. On July 1st 2016 the implementation of Tririga began.