Menu Boards

Research, pilot, and implement new menu boards for all schools - 1 of 5 years


Digital signage boards offer a highly adaptable means to inform, entertain, and engage student customers while reducing time, money, and natural resources used for printing. School Food Service began the process to implement digital signage when it started offering web-based menus. Once the base data was inputted, dynamically generated menu boards were possible. SFS researched multiple vendors and selected Nutrislice because of their seamless integration of website menus into digital signage. SFS worked with Nutrislice to further develop their signage system to accommodate the needs of school food organizations as a whole.

Digital signage is handled and supported from the SFS central office. Changes are almost instantaneous and providing marketing materials digitally is a breeze. There is no site-based action required besides turning the units on.

In July 2015, School Food Service began a project to retrofit all existing High School Reengineering (HSRP) Schools with digital menu boards. In addition, digital menu boards were included as part of the Santaluces HSRP renovations and are now a standard part of all HSRP schools. As of June 30, 2016, the District has 15 digital signage units in use with an additional six units scheduled to be installed at Royal Palm Beach High School.