Mission Statement

Our official mission statement is shown on the poster on the left which is shared with each employee at the start of the school year. School Food Service employs over 1,100 dedicated staff members who work diligently every day. Together we provide the food to fuel children’s bodies so their minds can focus and they can achieve academically.

Departmental Goals

Departmental Goals are reviewed annually by School Food Service Administrators to ensure they continue to align with our purpose. Our goals are communicated to all of our employees. School Food Service administrators meet annually to determine the Departmental Objectives for the upcoming year. These Departmental Objectives are shared with the central office staff at an annual Year Kick Off Meeting and each team develops their annual strategies. This annual report is a culmination of the various strategies put into place throughout out the year to achieve our departmental goals and ultimately our mission.

Values (PQR)

Our core values have remained consistent for many years:
Passion; the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited each day for the services we provide and the jobs we do
Quality; the nutritional integrity of the food we serve and how well we perform our jobs
Respect; to honor one another through our actions and attitudes