Supplement Tracking

Develop a streamlined method to accurately track supplements - 1 of 1 year


In March 2016, the School Food Service Department developed a new structure for the payment of supplements that was more equitable for managers.  The new structure uses average daily participation of 500 meals as a standard operating volume.  Any meals that are served above the 500 are multiplied by $0.50.  The supplements are calculated on a monthly basis and included in the manager paycheck.

The next part of this supplement process was to develop a way that the average daily meals can be reviewed so that best practices of those managers can be created in order to pass those along to other managers so that they are able to increase participation and in turn increase their monthly supplement.

The Technology and the Finance Team researched a few different software companies and had two companies provide demos of their product.  On June 13, 2016, the General Manager and the Technology Team viewed the demo of MealData, Inc.  Prior to year end, it was determined that this would be the software to utilize.  The software uploads prior year monthly participation, as well as current, for all meals and shows a side by side comparison of the participation.  During the summer, further development will take place to have this operational by September 2016.