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Palm Beach County School District and the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation Partner to Bring Khanmigo to District High School Students

Posted 11/17/2023

Stiles Nicholson Foundation LogoOn November 15, the School District of Palm Beach County announced a new partnership with the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation to expand the use of the Khan Academy suite of products and implement Khanmigo, an innovative AI-powered virtual tutor and teaching assistant, in the District's high schools. The initiative is championed by Dr. David Nicholson, Chairman of the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation.

Khanmigo provides personalized learning experiences and administrative support for students and educators within the Khan Academy platform. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empowers learners to study at their own pace both in and out of the classroom.

Khanmigo will be implemented at the following nine District high schools from January to June 2024:

• Boca Raton

• Jupiter

• Seminole Ridge

• Boynton Beach

• Palm Beach Central

• Suncoast

• Glades Central

• Santaluces

• Wellington

The District will then expand the program to all high schools for the 2024-2025 school year. The implementation of Khanmigo is a significant step forward in the District's efforts to use innovative AI technology to improve student learning.

"We are excited to partner with Dr. Nicholson and the Stiles-Nicholson Foundation to bring Khanmigo to our students," Superintendent Michael J. Burke said. "Dr. Nicholson's vision for using technology to improve student learning is inspiring, and we are grateful for his generous support in making this program a reality. This program will benefit our students by giving them access to a safe AI resource they can ask questions of when they need more help. I like the program because it won’t just give students the answers, it will coach students to get to the answers themselves."

"I am thrilled that the School District of Palm Beach County is partnering with us to expand the use of Khan academy and implement Khanmigo," Dr. Nicholson said. "I believe that Khanmigo is a powerful tool that can not only help students learn more effectively and efficiently, but provide invaluable aid to teachers as an AI classroom assistant."