Our Mission

The Department of Professional Development is committed to working with all stakeholders to provide, promote, and monitor high quality professional learning that supports improved job performance for all employees resulting in increased student achievement in alignment with district, state, and national standards.

The Department of Professional Development provides support to all Palm Beach County District schools and departments with designing, learning, implementing, and evaluating high quality professional development for all employees within the District.

The Clinical Education Training (CET) Program prepares classroom teachers with the necessary clinical skills to provide support and assistance to developing teachers and college/university Pre-service students.

Find resources and materials to help deepen your knowledge and understanding of the teacher deliberate practice through the Professional Growth Plan.

The Educator Support Program (ESP) is the School District of Palm Beach County's formal program of support for newly hired educators.

The I-Teach Program is a free, eighteen-month, online program which meets the required college course work needed to reach Professional Certification for non-education majors.

The eLearning management system allows the School District to manage, deliver, track and report on all learning delivered through any method. This is a single system for all employees in the School District. Please check out our page for videos and handy guides that will help make you an expert eLearning user. eLearning can be accessed through the PeopleSoft link in the Portal.

The Palm Beach Model of Instruction was selected by a committee comprised of teachers, CTA representatives, assistant principals, principals, and district staff. It is based on the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Learning Science International.  It embraces the premise that all instructional personnel are capable of improving their practice regardless of their level of performance.

The Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP), formerly known as ACP, is a low-cost to free, two-year, online program which meets the required college course work needed to reach Professional Certification for non-education majors.

The Pre-Service Program involves a number of stakeholders including college students preparing to become educators, classroom teachers who supervise the college students, school site administrators, college/university educators who help prepare future teachers, the college/university placement coordinators, and the District Pre-Service Specialist who places future teachers in local schools for hands-on learning experiences.

Resources & Materials

Important Countdowns

Mid-Year Evaluations for Category 1A Teachers must be signed and finished in iObservation by the last instructional day of December (12/22/2016).  Please click here for more information.


What's Trending?

The Conjunctive Scoring Process is based on the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and/or Learning Sciences International.  This vodcast contains information on the Conjunctive Scoring Process and how we use it in the School District of Palm Beach County.  For more information, please check out the CTES Handbook.