Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice is the process by which a professional works to improve their own professional practice.  The Professional Growth Plan for teachers and the Deliberate Practice Plan for school-based leaders are the means through iObservation by which to complete the process.

The Palm Beach Model of Instruction was selected by a committee comprised of teachers, CTA representatives, assistant principals, principals, and district staff. It is based on the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Learning Science International. It embraces the premise that all instructional personnel are capable of improving their practice regardless of their level of performance.

School Leader Deliberate Practice Plans

Submit for Approval by 11/2/2018 & Finish by 6/1/2019.

School leaders hired after the beginning of the year must create a plan.

Teacher Professional Growth Plans

The Deliberate Practice process has no changes for FY18.  The video and scoring rubric are still valid for FY18.

Activate by 10/15/2018 & Finish by 4/30/2019.

New teachers hired before 2/11/2019 must still create a plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Action Steps

How many Action Steps am I supposed to choose?  At least 1 action step needs to be created. You need to describe the specific step(s) that will be taken to improve your expertise with the chosen target element. There is no required format for length.  The date should be the actual date you expect the Action Step to take place.  For example, if you are observing someone, then put the date that the observation will take place.  It is a best practice for you to update your status.

To add a step, then scroll down to the Action Step section and click the "Add a Step" link.

To remove or edit a step, then go to the specific step and look to the right of it for the "Remove / Edit" links and click on the appropriate one.

Approving Plans
Finalizing Plans
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Late Starting Teachers
Making Changes
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Picking a Target Element
Plans Activated or Not
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Uploading Evidence

Deliberate Practice: Going Deeper

The School District of Palm Beach County (District Bulletin) employs the Deliberate Practice process for all teachers by means of the Professional Growth Plan (PGP) and the Deliberate Practice Plan (DPP) for administrators.. Deliberate Practice is a way for teachers to grow their expertise through a series of planned activities, reflection, and collaboration. Involved in the series is a cycle of setting personal goals, focused practice, focused feedback, observing and discussing teaching, and monitoring progress.

In it's simplest terms, Deliberate Practice is about continually striving to achieve mastery at higher levels. Teachers must think about their current teaching practices and decide how they can take it to the next level.

If you are interested in further reading, please check out this article, "What Teachers Gain from Deliberate Practice" by Dr. Robert J. Marzano.