Background Information

The Palm Beach Focused Model was selected by a committee comprised of teachers, CTA representatives, principals, and district staff. It is based on the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Learning Science International.  It embraces the premise that all instructional personnel are capable of improving their practice regardless of their level of performance.

JENC stands for the Joint Evaluation Negotiations Committee. It is comprised of representatives from both the School District of Palm Beach County and the Classroom Teachers Association. JENC is empowered to make amendments to the CTES (Classroom Teacher Evaluation System) Handbook and to communicate those amendments via the JENC Newsletter.

CTES Handbook

The FY19 Edition of the Classroom Teacher Evaluation System handbook.  This handbook consists of the Purpose of the Evaluation System and an Overview of the Process.  You will find updates pertaining to Instructional Practice, Deliberate Practice, and Student Performance for observations and evaluations conducted during the 2018-2019 school year.

The FY17 Edition of the CTES Handbook.  No update was produced for FY18.

See Section G (page 30) of the linked CTA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The FAQ has quick and concise answers to questions regarding the model of instruction.

JENC Newsletters

The information in the JENC Newsletters are updates and reminders concerning the information in the CTES Handbook.  There are no new issues of the newsletters as the CTES Handbook has been revised for FY19 and can be found above.

Volume 5 / Issue 2

May 2018

Topics: FY19 Evaluation System Updates, Training, Evaluation System Components, Instructional Practice, Deliberate Practice, Student Performance, Instructional Model Crosswalk.

Volume 5 / Issue 1

November 2017

Topics: FY17 Evaluations Release, Instructional Practice Ratings, Student Performance Ratings, Overall Final Evaluation Ratings, Teacher Reports, and Additional Resources & Support.

Volume 4 / Issue 3

May 2017

Topics: Deliberate Practice (PGP) Score, Instructional Practice Score, Overall Final Evaluation Ratings for FY17, FY17 i-Ready Diagnostic Information, Update to the Observation Schedule for FY18, and Summer Training Opportunities.

Volume 4 / Issue 2

February 2017

Topics: Observation and Evaluation Reminders, Deliberate Practice (PGP), and FY17 Assessments Used in Teacher Evaluations.

Volume 4 / Issue 1

October 2016

Topics: Updates for the 2016-17 School Year, Deliberate Practice, Target Elements, Defining Innovating, Assessments Used in Teacher Evaluations.

Volume 3 / Issue 3

March 2016

Topics: Observation Schedule Update, Instructional Practice Rubric, Deliberate Practice, Reminders for Domains 2/3/4, and FY16 Assessments Used in Teacher Evaluation.

Volume 3 / Issue 2

September 2015

Topics: Implementation - Deliberate Practice and CTES Handbook Status Updates.

Volume 3 / Issue 1

August 2015

Topics: Implementation - Types of Observations, Domain Reminders, and the FY16 Revised Teacher Observation Schedule.

Volume 2 / Issue 9

May 2015

Topics: SY15 Final Evaluation Ratings: Instructional Practice Ratings, Professional Growth, and Student Performance Scores.

Volume 2 / Issue 8

February 2015 - Part 1

Topics: Domain 2, 3, & 4 Clarifications, Required Data Marks Update, FY15 Final Evaluation Updates, Observation Types Reference Sheet, Updated Observation Schedule, and What Will My Evaluation Look Like.

Volume 2 / Issue 7

February 2015 - Part 1

Topics: Formal Observations: Notification and Pre-Observation Conferences, Observation Calendar Update, Domain 4 Reminders.

Volume 2 / Issue 6

November 2014

Topics: Student Growth Scores, Evaluations, and Instructional Practice Rating.

Volume 1 / Issue 5

April 2014

Topics: Beginning and Not Using Reminders, Domain Three and Four Reminders, Non-Reappointments & Instructional Practice Scores, and Student Growth Updates.

Volume 1 / Issue 4

January 2014

Topics: Contract Language Training for the Classroom Teacher Evaluation System, Schedule of Observations for the Second Half of the Year, Defining Observations, Student Growth Updates, and Scoring Clarification for Domains 1-4.

Volume 1 / Issue 3

December 2013

Topics: Schedule for Joint Trainings on New Contract Language, Instructional Practice Scale Modifications, SY14 Rubric for Determining Instructional Practice Rating, Domain 3 Clarifications, Category 1A Mid-Year Evaluations, and Formal Observation Reminders.

Volume 1 / Issue 2

October 2013

Topics: Hold Harmless Memorandum, Deliberate Practice, Improvement Strategies for Developing, Improvement Strategies for Beginning & Not Using, Domain 2-4 Rating, Clarifications on Lesson Plans, and Non-Classroom Teacher Instruments.

Volume 1 / Issue 1

August 2013

Topics: Domain 2-4 Rating, Not Using, Non-Classroom Teacher Instruments, Deliberate Practice, Instructional Practice Score, Observation Schedules.