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The Palm Beach Model of Instruction was selected by a committee comprised of teachers, CTA representatives, assistant principals, principals, and district staff. It is based on the work of Dr. Robert J. Marzano and Learning Science International.  It embraces the premise that all instructional personnel are capable of improving their practice regardless of their level of performance.

This page features resources and materials that will help those in Leadership and Instructional positions utilize iObservation effectively. Please note that we have created an FAQ (frequently asked questions) that covers some of the most common issues that we have encountered. You can find it below. If you are unable to find your answer in the FAQ, then please check the "Questions & Support" section at the bottom of the page.

iObservation itself can be accessed through the Portal, by clicking the logo above, or simply by going to www.effectiveeducators.com. Having trouble logging in?  Please refer to the "Questions & Technical Support" section below.

New to iObservation?  Please check out the Quick Start Guide.

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iObservation Access

How do I get general access to iObservation? iObservation access is automatically granted through the system to active teachers and sitting administrators who are responsible for performing observations on teachers. If you are a teacher and need access, then please talk with your school/department secretary to make sure you are correctly listed and active in PeopleSoft at your location. Employees on a leave of absence will regain access to iObservation when they return to active duty.

How do I get access to perform observations/evaluations in iObservation? iObservation access is automatically granted to all active sitting administrators upon placement of their position and obtaining observer certification. If you need access to additional schools / departments or need access because you recently obtained your observer certification, then please file a Service Request through eSupport by means of the Portal.

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