PD System

The Professional Development System provides a framework that ensures all professional development provided by the District improves teacher practice, job performance, and results in increased student achievement. The Department of Professional Growth reviews, approves, and periodically audits school and department professional development documentation to ensure high quality adult learning practices are utilized and that training adheres to statutory requirements.

Ongoing training is provided to school-based PD Team, district-level eLearning coordinators, and professional developers in Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning, Florida’s Professional Development System Evaluation Protocol, and the requirements set forth by SBER 6A-5.071 and Florida Statute 1012.98.

Board Approved PD System (2014 - 2019)

ESOL Compliance Information (Added 12/4/2015)

The Department of Professional Development is Responsible for:

  • Overseeing compliance with the planning, learning, implementing, and evaluating of inservice components.
  • Ensuring that all professional learning is in alignment with the professional learning standards and statutory guidelines.
  • Advertising professional development for all district-wide offerings.
  • Providing ongoing coaching and support to school-based PSD Teams, district-level eLearning Coordinators, and professional developers.
  • Advising District employees on the attainment of inservice points for certificate renewal and/or incentive award.
  • Facilitating communication between schools, district, and the community regarding high quality professional learning practices.
  • Developing, revising, and maintaining the inservice components within the District's Master Inservice Plan.
  • Ensuring that accurate records are kept for district personnel relative to inservice point accumulation in accordance with statutory requirements and ethical guidelines.

Resources & Materials

  • eLearning Management (ELM) Click here to learn more.
  • Master Inservice Plan - Search for components through the Master Inservice Plan database.
  • Professional Development Advisory Council - The purpose of the District Level Professional Development Advisory Council is to involve professional development administrators, decision-makers, and key stakeholders in the process of monitoring the District's state-approved PD System.  This council is primarily responsible for reviewing District inservice programs and ensuring that the professional development the District offers system-wide enhances teacher practice and results in an increase in student achievement.
  • Professional Development Forum - The purpose of the District Level Professional Development Forum is to disseminate information to professional developers and professional development contacts such as important dates and deadlines, state and national standards, and guidance with legislative compliance related to professional development. In addition, members will be provided the opportunity to network and discuss issues and concerns regarding professional learning.
  • School Wide Professional Development Teams - The School Wide Professional Development Team (SWPD TM) should consist of the Professional Development Contact, eLearning Management Contact, Marzano Liaison and other teachers that represent a cross-section of content expertise in academic subject areas, possess technology skills, and demonstrate teacher leadership skills within the school.
    • Roles/Duties of the PD Team Members:
    • 1) The Professional Development Contact (PDC) serves as the liaison between the school’s Professional Development Team and the Department of Professional Development. The PDC is responsible for attending training and ensuring adherence to statutory requirements for professional development, monitoring the quality of professional development and appropriate implementation evidence, evaluation of professional development outcomes, and ensure that all documentation is completed and submitted to the Department of Professional Development in order for in-service points to be properly credited toward recertification.
    • 2) The eLearning Management Contact (eLC) is responsible for attending training and maintaining all technical functions related to managing courses in eLearning Management system in PeopleSoft. Technology skills are necessary to perform this role.
    • 3) The Marzano Liaison (ML) serves to plan, facilitate and deliver training in the Marzano Domains. This liaison will remain in constant communication with the Department of Professional Development. The ML is responsible for communicating and disseminating all Marzano-related information to their teachers.
    • 4) Other Professional Development Team Members (PDTM) work collaboratively with the PDC and will be assigned specific training duties for which they will be responsible for completing.
School Level
Total Number of Team Members
1PDC, 1eLC, and 1ML
1PDC, 1eLC, 1ML, and 1 additional Team Member
1PDC, 1eLC, 1ML, and 3 additional Team Members
Alternative & Non-Traditional
1PDC, 1eLC, and 1ML
NOT eligible for stipends