Academic & Career Pathways

Discover the many pathways to post-secondary education and careers. When students are given the academic preparation, direction, and career-related knowledge, they can plan studies and gain experience that is aligned to their interests, abilities and career goals to ensure success in the 21st century.



The goal of the Externship Program is to give high school teachers real world work experience in STEM-related industries and businesses which they can take back to the classroom and inspire students to continue their study in STEM subjects.






By connecting STEM professionals with students, the goal is to inspire the next generation and impact the community. It provides an opportunity for youth to develop a friendship with a role model and develop better life skills.  Mentoring offers a fun, safe, and structured opportunity for children with a focus on STEM-related activities.

Good News: EQuIPD Grant Awarded!

Through a partnership with the University of Florida, the K-12 STEM Department has been awarded the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant to conduct research into STEM teacher development, titled EQuIPD (Engaged Quality Instruction through Professional Development). This multi-million dollar award will be used to provide professional development around coding projects focused on STEM integration, embedding engineering and technology into STEM lessons, and utilization of sensors for grades 3-8 in multiple Florida districts including Palm Beach County.
EQuIPD merges best practices in teacher professional development, technology education, and workforce development to create an innovative model with two goals: a three-year teacher professional development program to support grade 3-9 teachers in a “train the trainer model” for increased content and pedagogical knowledge using System Thinking as a frame for incorporating technology into STEM inquiry lessons. EQuIPD will support the development of effective teachers with a focus on supporting STEM education with an emphasis on Computer Science. Throughout this program, teachers will be supported in their work by district personnel, coaches, and experts, and by each other as part of a learning cohort. In addition to teacher professional development, EQuIPD will address the STEM Workforce development pipeline in an exploratory study to increase alignment between classroom and industry practices, supporting teachers in acquiring STEM credentials recognized by industry, and providing models for teachers to align industry and classroom STEM practices.