Strategic Initiatives Phases

Phase 1 Strategic Initiatives

• Define pillars of effective instruction to increase the academic achievement of all students

• Embed cultural competence, equity and access within instructional practices

• Develop the capacity to deliver effective instruction in pre-kindergarten through grade 2

• Ensure a comprehensive “Single School Culture” in every school

• Develop an approach for bullying prevention

• Develop and implement a recruitment system that attracts high-quality and diversity in candidates by job group/category

• Develop and implement rigor in the selection and hiring

• Implement a comprehensive performance management system processes that effectively identify and screen for high-quality, skilled applicants


Phase 2 Strategic Initiatives

• Provide instructional programming customized to the individual strengths, needs, interests and aspirations of each learner

• Expand & enhance pre-kindergarten programs and services in collaboration with our community and agency partners

 Align behavioral and social/emotional services while increasing accessibility

• Align new and existing community and parent partnerships

• Implement rigorous project management structures, protocols and processes

• Build a district-wide culture of pride, trust & respect

• Enact systemic customer service




Phase 3 Strategic Initiatives

• Provide digital and blended learning opportunities utilizing current technology

• Develop leadership advancement pathways for all employees

• Establish and implement recognition and differentiated compensation systems

• Develop resource allocation processes aligned with student needs

Development of Initiative Teams

Development of Teams

Initiative Implementation



Action Team Member

• Serves as advocate and champion for the work

• Accountable to the superintendent for the success of the initiative

• Chairs the Initiative Action Team and coordinates implementation


• Leads implementation of one of more critical action steps

• Participates in team meetings to provide updates and assist others in managing to success