The School District of Palm Beach County, in an ongoing effort to respond to a rapidly changing situation with COVID-19, will continually re-evaluate the Attendance and Grading policies for SY20. This will ensure that the District is providing the appropriate level of flexibility for schools while meeting accountability mandates and providing an education for our students. The School District will continue to evaluate all guidance from the Florida Department of Education as it is released and provide updates as necessary.

For attendance purposes, the expectation is that all students will be participating in every class every day.

Attendance can be considered via various forms of participation to count a student as present. This may include but not be limited to:
  • Participating in a live class virtual discussion
  • Submitting written assignments
  • Posting or commenting on a discussion board
  • Logging time in a District-sponsored individual practice (e.g. iReady, IXL, Reading Plus, Read 180, Test Yourself [Algebra Nation], or any other trackable, online resource).
The School District of Palm Beach County