District Device Distribution

What if my family doesn't have a computer? 
One device will be provided per family. Students can share the device if needed and access resources at different times. One device per child may also be provided by the school. (Devices are on loan from the District and must be returned.)

Will multiple children be able to share devices to complete all their schoolwork?
It is possible for students to share devices. If there are scheduling conflicts, please communicate with your students' teachers and explain the situation.

Who do I contact if the device isn't working or breaks? Is there someone I can call to troubleshoot issues?
Please contact your school.

Does distance learning/laptop distribution include VPK or Pre-K
Teachers with VPK and Head Start classrooms are providing Google Classroom lessons. Laptops are distributed by schools, one per family. VPK and Head Start families are eligible to receive laptops or iPads, pending the availability of the devices.
The School District of Palm Beach County