GED®/Adult High School

Adult students in a classroom setting


Our Program prepares you to successfully complete all four subject tests which will earn you a high school equivalency diploma.

How to Register

  • Go to a School Site Near You (Registration must be done in-person)
    • Must be 16 years or older
    • Students must be officially withdrawn from K-12
  • Fill out Form 1700
  • Read and Sign Form 2523
  • Pay the Tuition Fee of $30 ($5 badge fee may apply)
  • Take the TABE Placement Test

The Governor and the Florida Commissioner of Education announced that school closures have been extended until further notice. If you were enrolled in classes during the 2020 Winter Term, check your email and phone messages for distance learning instructions. Please contact your school if you have any questions or need assistance. 

Summer Term: 
Registration: April 20-24, 2020
Classes Begin: April 27, 2020
Classes End: July 17, 2020
No classes: 5/25

Adult Ed Center Start Date:
April 20, 2020

Fall Term: 
Registration: August 10-17, 2020
Classes Begin: August 19, 2020
Classes End: December 12, 2020
No classes: 9/7, 9/28, 10/12, 11/23-11/27

Adult Ed Center Start Date:

August 10, 2020

Winter Term: 
Registration: January 5-15, 2021
Classes Begin: January 19, 2021
Classes End: April 17, 2021
No classes: 1/18, 3/15-3/19, 4/2

Adult Ed Center Start Date:
January 5, 2021

Summer Term: 
Registration: April 19-23, 2021
Classes Begin: April 26, 2021
Classes End: July 17, 2021
No classes: 5/31, 7/5, Fridays 6/11-7/23

Adult Ed Center Start Date:
April 19, 2021

New students will be notified when registration re-opens. If you would like to be contacted, click here and someone will reach out to you.

Students who are missing a few credits may obtain a traditional high school diploma by attending our Adult High School Virtual Program. For more information, click here.


How do I request an official Florida GED® Credential/Transcript?

For diplomas earned on or after January 1, 2014: Original credentials will be sent via email to the candidate, usually the same day. The email will include information on how to order hard copies. There is no charge for original credentials, including the electronic and paper version. 

Duplicate credential requests can be made by logging in to

Use the login at the top right of the page.
Select the My Scores tab.
Click the Order Duplicates button on the Scores page.

For diplomas earned before January 1, 2014: Candidates will request credentials from GED Credentialing™ by clicking here.

All diploma verifications will be handled through the appropriate duplicate diploma and/or transcript request process depending on the date earned.

For additional information, please visit Transcripts & Diploma Requests.
The School District of Palm Beach County