GED® Grads Success Story

Deron Bethel

Congratulations to Deron Bethel, who recently earned his GED with the assistance of the teachers and staff from the Adult Virtual Academy and the support of his loved ones.

Bethel had been working at Sysco Food Services and was earning a decent salary, but he knew he would return to school one day to finish what he had started. He continued working and saving for a few years and then took some time off from his food services career to begin working towards his educational goals.

After being out of school for twenty years, he knew he would face some challenges but was motivated to keep going because he wanted to set an example for his daughter. It was one challenge after the other. However, his biggest challenge was preparing for the math section of the GED test, but with his mom as his tutor, he was able to pass his test.

Even though Bethel didn’t need to earn his GED to advance at work, he is happy he did it because he now can go to college to obtain a degree to work in Information Technology. When asked what advice he would give to someone working on their GED, he said, “You need to have a good support team. Repetition is key. I know I sound cheesy, but just do it and don’t stop. In the words of the late singer, Nipsey Hustle, ‘It’s a marathon.’” 


Congratulations to Fidel, who recently earned his GED with the assistance of the teachers and staff from Palm Beach Central Community High School. He has been working so hard to obtain his GED and his journey was not an easy one.

Fidel first attempted to get his GED a few years ago, when he migrated to Florida but had to stop when his children were born. He had to put his education on hold to care for his family. During this time, Fidel also had to deal with the death of a loved one.

Fidel knew he had to return to school because he kept telling his children how important it is to have an education. He decided to enroll at Palm Beach Central Community High School, where he received the support and knowledge he needed to pass the GED test. “At 42 years old it’s very hard, but I am happy my teacher was able to help me prepare. I kept going because I had to be an example for my kids. I had to show them how important education is. When I found out that I passed, it was as if a load [came] off my shoulders. Now I can do something different, [I can] get a promotion, or even apply for college.”

Lea Phillips

"Presently, I am working as a Health Tech/Certified Nursing Assistant. In five years one of my goals is to become a Registered Nurse, working with Neonates/infants. Earning my high school diploma will enhance my future by allowing me to attend college, and offers an opportunity to further my career in nursing."

Lyndsey Lucas

"Getting my GED was the best thing I could have done to further my education; now I can go to college to study further. I haven't figured out what I want to do for my future, but at least I know I have the ability to go to college thanks to passing my GED."

The School District of Palm Beach County