Explore Careers

Explore Careers

  • Earning your GED® can open doors to new career opportunities.
  • With all the career possibilities available, how do you make a decision?
  • Use the resources on this site to make better, more informed career decisions.
  • Find a career that's right for you!
Click here to explore Our Career and Technical Education Program
Click here to explore Our Trades/Pre-Apprenticeship Program

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Click here for a library of career videos covering lots of careers; what they do, what education is needed. 

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Click here to explore Career U.S. Dept. of Labor skill/interest assessments - veteran info - English/Spanish.

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Click here to learn more about which option is right for you: College or Trade School. Workshops and job searches.

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Click here for a list of Career Cluster Assessments. Find a career category based on your interests and likes/dislikes

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