David Bynes Biography & Presentation

David Bynes is a scholar, activist and practitioner of social and racial justice and spiritual liberation with a heart for people. A former K-12 educator, he is currently an experienced and accomplished higher education professional and content expert in social justice education, adult and community education, and leadership development at Florida Atlantic University. He and his wife, Dr. April Johnson-Bynes, are the founders and principal coaches and consultants of Destiny Speaks Coaching and Consulting, LLC, where he utilizes his varied skill set in areas such as life and spiritual development, community education, organizational development, conflict resolution, public speaking and teaching to awaken and liberate individuals seeking freedom and advancement. David is also a doctoral student pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum and Instruction with the desire to deepen his capacity as a community engaged scholar.
Unapologetically Dope: Navigating the Politics of Education from a Black Male Perspective
This is a candid conservation among Black men around the politics of education from their own experiences and perspectives. We will discuss the challenges of Black male teachers and students. These challenges include struggling with double consciousness and the preservation of racial, ethic, and cultural identities.
The School District of Palm Beach County