Mackral Etienne Biography & Presentation

Mackeral Etienne, a 9th year educator with the School District of Palm Beach
County, is in his 3rd year teaching at Boca Raton Community High School. He teaches African American History, American Government Honors, and Economics with Financial Literacy Honors plus is an advisor to the Haitian Club, Project Men, and other student clubs at BRCHS.
Mr. Etienne continues to implement culturally responsive activities in lessons which help elevate students to becoming better global citizens.

Teaching Haitian Culture and History to Empower All Students
The Haitian Revolution seems to be a forgotten piece in History and should be taught adequately in classrooms as it played a pivotal role in the development of the free world. Haitian History is Black History as Black History is American History, of course. Haiti is considered to be the poorest country in the western hemisphere; however, its rich history and culture can empower all young learners and strengthen their sense of global community.
The School District of Palm Beach County