Jaclyn Gennaro Biography & Presentation

Jaclyn Gennaro, is a 10th-year educator at Boca Raton Community High School. She has taught Holocaust Studies for 10 years and AICE U.S. History for 7 years. Ms. Gennaro earned a Bachelor’s degree in History from FAU. She is also a trained yoga teacher and started her anti-racism work through the lens of yoga. She is committed to teaching her students the true history of the construct of race and how healing America of racism is possible through radical truth and action.

White Fragility and the Responsibility of White People in Dismantling White Supremacy
White Fragility is one of the inherent characteristics of white people that keeps us from doing the work of anti-racism.  White fragility keeps white people from having honest, hard conversations about racism and it keeps white people from listening deeply to people of color on how to be true allies and agents of change. Naming our own white fragility helps us to start our life-long journey from being non-racist to anti-racist. It helps us move from passive silence to conscious activism.
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