Kezia Gilyard Biography & Presentation

Kezia Gilyard is a nonbinary educator, facilitator, and curriculum creator who uses they/them pronouns. Currently, they serve the students, employees, and families of Broward County Public Schools as the LGBTQ+ Coordinator. Their areas of specialization include facilitating conversations and building courses which allow participants to examine the experiences of students who have been marginalized by various and intersecting systems of oppression. Kezia has trained both pre-K-12 and post-secondary educators across the country about the importance of approaching queer and trans equity through an intersectional lens. They’ve spent nearly a decade providing guidance, mentorship, and leadership opportunities for queer and trans youth in South Florida and beyond.

Kezia was recently selected as one of South Florida Gay News’ “Out 50”, a distinguished list recognizing openly LGBTQ individuals who make an impact in South Florida. Kezia is also a recipient of the Bishop S.F. Makalani-Mahee award for Trans Equality for their work supporting transgender youth and was a finalist for GLSEN’s Educator of the Year award in 2020.

Black History is Queer History: Providing Mirrors for Our Youth
During this presentation, we will begin with a brief review of LGBTQ+ identities. Throughout the presentation, I will provide a non-exhaustive list of Black and Afro-Caribbean historical figures and their contributions throughout history. Additionally, we will discuss the interconnectedness of the struggles to end racial oppression, gender oppression, and the oppression of those who are not heterosexual. The participant will also be provided with strategies to support and affirm Black and Afro-Caribbean LGBTQ+ youth both in and out of school.

The School District of Palm Beach County