Michelle Martin Biography & Presentation

Michelle R. Martin, M.Ed. is a rural Mississippi native and graduate of Mississippi State University with a degree in Theatre communication. After a career of performing as an artist in residency around the country, she opted to continue her studies at Mississippi University for Women where she earned her Masters of Education in Gifted Studies. With over a decade of service to gifted students in the state of Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, and Vermont, Michelle has dedicated her career to shining a light on undiscovered gifted and talented students in rural and urban communities. Her passion for gifted education has afforded her opportunities to speak nationally as a voice of advocacy for gifted students of color as well as English Language Learners (ELL). Michelle currently serves as the School District of Palm Beach County’s Gifted Program Planner.

The Search for Equity: The Role of Universal Screening in Identifying Gifted Students of Color 
Since Brown v Board, practitioners and educational institutions have made attempts to seek equitable identification measures for identifying black gifted students. Only one measure, although not flawless has proven efficient. This session will highlight the important role that universal screening plays in identifying students of color gifted programs, including specific tools and assessments.
The School District of Palm Beach County