Dr. Bianca Nightingale-Lee Biography & Presentation

Dr. Bianca Nightengale-Lee is an Assistant Professor at Florida Atlantic University. Within the realm of teacher education, Dr. Nightengale-Lee works to help university students grapple with the racially, socially, and politically charged structures that shape the educational experiences of culturally and linguistically diverse students. In this way, she positions students to question and consider the realities and responsibilities of teaching, and the role they play in creating successful educational outcomes. Within schools and communities, Dr. Nightengale-Lee works with teachers and community members to create literacy instruction that draws on the cultural resources of African-American students living within urban sectors, through hip-hop modules. Using these modules, she leverages hip-hop to stretch beyond traditional literacy norms, to reflect the cultural practices of urban life through song, art, dance and self-expression. 

The Hip-Hop Learning Lab: An Exploration of Curriculum Development for the Lives and Literacies of Black Boys
For many Black male students, the divergence between who they are, and the curriculum used to teach them poses an ominous threat, as they attempt to reconcile their cultural and racial identities within traditionalized literacy instruction (Taylor, Brock, Case, & Taylor, 2013). Thus, the work shared focuses on an authentically created curriculum which combines student voice, critical literacy, and hip-hop culture, in an attempt to better understand what curriculum development centered on Black Boys, looks like, sounds like and feels like in an urban middle school setting.

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