Mariota Theodoris Biography & Presentation

Mariota Theodoris is an educator, speaker and the C.E.O & Founder of the non-profit the "Theodoris Camp”, a faith-based basketball camp, for girls ages 12 and up.
For over 10 years, Mariota has taught on the secondary level, for the School District of Palm Beach County and on the collegiate level, as an adjunct instructor at Palm Beach State College. With her extensive teaching experiences, Mariota has been able to innovatively teach, coach, and mentor hundreds of students on their paths to high school graduation, college acceptance, and entrepreneurship. As a Riviera Beach, FL native and Suncoast High School graduate, Mariota became an All-American high school basketball player, earning a college scholarship to prestigious Rutgers University. While at Rutgers, Mariota earned double Bachelors of Arts degrees in Journalism & Media Studies and in Africana Studies, all while playing for legendary Basketball Hall of Fame coach, C. Vivian Stringer, garnering much success by winning multiple Big East championships, making 2 Women’s NCAA Sweet Sixteens and 1 Elite Eight appearance. After her collegiate career, Mariota played professional basketball overseas for teams in Israel and Greece.

It is Mariota’s strong belief, that the greatest thing she can do for today's youth, is to help them discover and develop their unique gifts, and use them as vehicles to take them on a life journey, so that they may arrive at their ultimate destination of success! 

I Don't Like My Students!: An Educator's Guide to Establishing & Maintaining Effective Relationships with Students
A critical aspect, that will change the culture of our schools, are tools for adolescents to establish, value, enrich, and cultivate thriving intrapersonal/interpersonal relationships between: self, family, friends, peers, and adults in their schools and community. Proper relationship tools will enhance the self-identity of adolescents, enabling them to be secure within themselves and create a vision for their home, academic, extra-curricular, and social lives (ownerSHIP); the ability to self-access and respond, rather than react, will conflicts at school amongst their peers (friendSHIP); open up a respectful line of communication between adolescents and educational staff (mentorSHIP); give students the ability to establish standards and to qualify present and future relationships (fellowSHIP and courtSHIP); and the discernment to pursue critical persons that will assist them in their life’s purpose (leaderSHIP
The School District of Palm Beach County