Teresa Thomas Biography & Presentation

Theresa Thomas received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Studies Education and African American Studies from Syracuse University and her Master’s in Secondary Education from Central Michigan University. Her background includes over twenty years of classroom instruction working with gifted students, colleagues, and parents. She has studied abroad and participated in professional development in Southern Africa and China. As an educator, she has served in many capacities from team and plc leader, department chairperson, coordinator for mentoring programs and other school initiatives, club sponsor, and curriculum test writer. In her current position as Instructional Specialist Gifted for Palm Beach County, she helps implement state laws, rules, and regulations to provide best practice and support for teachers and students of Gifted Education.
Engaging Gifted Black Minds:  Strategies and Resources for Instruction
This presentation will explore perceptions of giftedness and varying definitions. An overview into the structural differences in the gifted brain, the experience of African American gifted students in the classroom and implications for their instruction will be provided and frameworks of learning, teaching strategies, resources and lesson planning geared toward the needs of gifted African American learners will be shared.
The School District of Palm Beach County