J.D. Weatherspoon Biography & Presentation

J.D. Weatherspoon is globally-minded, grassroots-driven human catalyst and all around renaissance man, JD has played a hand in numerous initiatives and programs both domestically, and abroad. His field of expertise spans from peer education and youth mentoring, to program development and project management. A few of his exploits include the Harvard Center for AIDS Research (HUCFAR) "Forgotten Epidemic" project, the US Refugee Processing Center, El Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (Colombia), and the US Peace Corps (Cambodia). He now heads up the Mastermind Connect's Development Branch. 

Unapologetically Dope: Navigating the Politics of Education from a Black Male Perspective
This is a candid conservation among Black men around the politics of education from their own experiences and perspectives. We will discuss the challenges of Black male teachers and students. These challenges include struggling with double consciousness and the preservation of racial, ethic, and cultural identities.
The School District of Palm Beach County