Virtual Hispanic Latino Studies Summer Institute 2020

Virtual Conference June 10-11 - Annual Hispanic/Latino Studies Summer Institute

  Theme: Infusing Hispanic/Latino Studies from Contributions to Social Action

The Office of African, African American, Latino, Holocaust, and Gender studies welcomes you to its 8th Annual Hispanic/Latino Studies Summer Institute. The topics and strategies discussed in this year’s institute will be conducive to the development of an equitable learning experience for our Hispanic/Latino students, which will help to increase their academic achievement. The goal of the annual summer institute is to help increase cultural competence among district personnel and assist in the development of culturally responsive instruction and curriculum. The Infusion of Hispanic/Latino History is an imperative part of creating a culturally relevant curriculum, which is imperative to the academic success of all students.
Theme 1: Effective and Relevant Instruction to Meet the Needs of All Students and Theme 2: Positive and Supportive School Climate. Florida Statute 1003.42 (2)(P)

  Wednesday, June 10, 2020 - Virtual Schedule

Welcome: Superintendent, Dr. Donald E. Fennoy II

Patricia TrejoView Thoughtexchange
Organizer & Host
Patricia Trejo 

Patricia Trejo earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with a Minor in Mass Communications from The University of Florida. Her Master’s Degree is in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University, and she has been in public education for 21 years. Currently, she serves as an Administrative Program Planner for Hispanic/Latino Studies. 
Consuelo Castillo KickbuschView Presentation1:55:01
Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch
Featured Speaker

Dr. Barbara M. FloresDr. Barbara M. Flores
Keynote Speaker
Franklin Mejias CastellanosView Presentation4:54
View Presentation31:48

Franklin Mejias Castellanos
Be Capable
Life sometimes presents you with hard situations. I will explain how I challenged myself to achieve every goal I set; regardless of being a Latino student coming from another country, not speaking English, and even having to battle through life and death. I will also share how my decision to never give up, have faith, be fearless, and make the best out of every moment helped.
Washington ColladoView Presentation34:41
Dr. Washington Collado
Latino Presence in the United States: Curricular Strengthening by Infusion Latino's History, Presence, and Culture
This workshop will provide a window where we can marvel at the Latino present in the United States past, present, and future. Latino presence has been influential in all aspects of the American way of life: historical contributions in the battle fields, cultural richness, and architectural treasures.
Allyson Berrios De GacharnaView Presentation41:07
Allyson Berrios De Gacharna
Culturally Responsive Teaching Strategies for ELLs
Participants will explore ways to apply culturally responsive teaching strategies and the WIDA CAN DO philosophy to help culturally and linguistically diverse learners feel safe and supported academically.
Dr. Jose EnriquezView Presentation33:56
Dr. Jose Enriquez
Social Action 
Highlighting Latino Leaders in the US and in the world that have contributed to social action. Presenter will describe his National experience interviewing/presenting thousands of young Latinx students across 11 states. Through anecdotal data, he will describe the decisions and actions Latino youth are making based on the important social issues they are facing today.
Pascual Francisco FelipeDominga Manuel-XuncaxView Presentation

Pascual Francisco Felipe, Dominga Manuel-Xuncax, Sonia Cabrera-Lopez
Supporting Students from Guatemala/Mayan Cultures
The presentation will focus on culture, languages, educational differences, and will provide information regarding Guatemalan /Mayan students in Palm Beach County.
José Moreno HernándezView Message1:33
José Moreno Hernández
Congratulations Graduates
Inspiring words to our 2020 Graduates from a Mexican-American former NASA Astronaut and American Engineer. Hernández was a mission specialist on the Space Shuttle Discovery STS-128. He is one of the few Latinos to serve as an astronaut raised by Mexican immigrant migrant farm workers.
  Thursday, June 11, 2020 - Virtual Schedule

Welcome: Superintendent, Dr. Donald E. Fennoy II

Jose GonzalezView Presentation1:39:32
Jose Gonzalez
Keynote Speaker

Dr. Gustavo BalderasDr. Padilla Roberto
Dr. Gustavo BalderasDr. Roberto Padilla
Featured Speakers

Dr. Emmanuel AlvaradoView Presentation40:31
Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado

Hybridity in Latino Culture and Identity: The Heritage and Contributions of Jews in Argentina
The presentation will center on the rich history of the Jewish population in Argentina from the Inquisition to modern times. It will highlight the various contributions of the Jewish population in Argentina, and by extension, to Latin America. It exemplifies the way in which existing curriculum on Latino studies can be enriched. 
View Presentation34:07
Fernelize Henry
Historical Origins of Present-day Hispanic Culture

Hispanic culture did not begin with waves of immigration to the United States in the 19th and 20th centuries. Hispanic culture is much older. In this presentation, we will explore the origins of Hispanic culture and the early contributions that they made to the present-day United States.
View Presentation39:48
Dr. John P. Linstroth
How Urban Amerindian Strategies to Overcome Racism may be Useful for Transformative Education
His concepts of “transformative” and “social action” for “integrative education” in my view are significant for interpreting and understanding how social strategies for overcoming racism among Brazilian urban Amerindians may be applied to “multicultural education practices”.
View Presentation39:53
Jameson Stell
Latino Studies in Action: Student Perspectives on Transformative Learning

A diverse panel of high school students will share their experiences as Latinx students in education and beyond. Topics will include identity, language learning, discrimination, community involvement, immigration, misconceptions about teaching Latinx youth, and effective instructional practices.
William P. Stewart.jpgView Presentation42:10
William P. Stewart 
A BRIEF History of Intersectionality within Latinx Populations
Participants will learn about historical perspectives and social movements through the lens of intersectionality, particularly relating to sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression and Latinx populations.

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