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PBC STEM LogoSTEM Education is an integrated approach to teaching Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through inquiry-based learning. Collaborating with local industry and leveraging community resources, ALL students will develop 21st-century skills and a foundation to pursue their potential STEM careers. Recognizing the critical importance of STEM education in the lives of their students, the School District of Palm Beach County and its philanthropic partners want to develop educators as effective instructors and leaders who engage students in meaningful and rewarding learning experiences in STEM subject areas.

Teacher Receives Prestigious STEM Education Award

Scott Lehman winner of 2018 STEM Educator/Collaborator Award

Scott Lehman, a teacher at Crosspointe Elementary School, recently received the Educator/Collaborator Award as part of the 2018 STEM Innovation Awards.

A typical day for him involves teaching STEM and Media to all K-5 grade levels at Crosspointe Elementary, working with his students on various STEM activities and lessons. Lehman has found that the lessons are not only educational but also help reduce student anxiety and stress.

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This is a brief snapshot of what is happening in the School District of Palm Beach County with the K-12 STEM Department.

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