New and Improved Distance Learning

Dr. Fennoy’s recommendation to the School Board provides assurances that distance learning for all students will be more structured, expectations will be clear, and teachers and students will follow new guidelines. These assurances are made in coordination with teachers, administrators, and the Classroom Teachers Association.

Daily Schedule: The District recognizes that many students have been working at jobs outside the home since classes shifted to distance learning on March 13, 2020. Students and parents, please be aware that distance learning that began August 31, 2020, will follow the schools's regular bell schedule and educators will teach all classes live and attendance will be taken daily.

Daily routines will mirror that of a traditional in-class setting. This includes instruction in each subject, specials such as Art and Music in elementary school, intensive reading, interventions, and electives in the middle and high school settings.

Distance learning will not only include live instruction via Google Classroom, but also small groups or one-on-one instruction, independent work, and assignments. Examples of schedules are provided on pages 5 and 6 of the 2020-2021 Reopening Plans.

Attendance, Daily Agenda Behavior: Students are to attend class every day school is in session and during the scheduled time. Attendance will be taken daily and recorded in SIS. Students must be on time for each class or they will be marked as tardy.

Teachers will create and post a daily agenda to outline the lessons for the day/class. Whenever possible, lessons will follow the prescribed schedule of learning to meet the standards (scope and sequence). Additionally, students must still adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.

Assignments, workload, and office hours: Students will have a minimum of 24 hours to complete all assignments. Lessons will be recorded so that students may refer back to the lessons for assistance in completing the lessons. Teachers will coordinate with each other to ensure students are not overloaded. Grading will follow the current Student Progression Plan.

Teachers will also hold office hours each day to meet with students and perform administrative duties.

Student Wellness: There will be a focus on student mental health. Social/emotional learning activities will be incorporated into distance learning to assist in building a community. The District will continue to offer mental and behavioral health services including individual counseling, small group counseling, and coaching. Teletherapy is also available.

Connectivity and Technology: The District, County, and community partners will invest nearly $66 million in Digital Inclusion to ensure access to digital learning for all.

In addition to the more than 65,000 laptops distributed to students in the spring, the District ordered 82,000 additional devices. The goal is to provide a 1:1 student to device ratio so that each student is connected.

With the help of the community, business, and municipal partnerships, the District is working to expand internet connectivity throughout the community by securing hundreds of HotSpots for students in the Glades Region, provide internet sponsorships for students through the Children’s Services Council, BRIDGES and an additional 1,200 sponsored students and families. Digital inclusion will also occur through a municipal “Wi-Fi mesh’’ of fiber optic cables, root radios, and Wi-Fi extenders to homes.

The School District of Palm Beach County