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For Kindergarten – Grade 3: Profiles in Activism

Ruby Bridges: Imagine the bravery it took to integrate an all-white school. That’s just what Ruby Bridges did when she was only 6 years old.
Martin Luther King Jr.: This civil rights leader had a dream for America. Discover how his vision and courage paved the way for generations to come.
Rosa Parks: With one noble act of defiance, this fearless activist made a statement about equal rights.
Jackie Robinson: Explore the story of this talented ballplayer who broke barriers and changed history in the Major Leagues.
Harriet Tubman: Learn about this courageous abolitionist’s life and her brave work bringing slaves to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

For Grades 4+: The Fight Against Institutionalized Racism
Helping Kids Understand the Black Lives Matter Movement: Our newest topic seeks to address common questions children might have about the current Black Lives Matter protests in response to the death of George Floyd and other Black Americans.

Slavery: Learn about the terrible institution of slavery, from its beginnings in ancient history, the enslavement of Black people in the United States, and how we are still dealing with the effects of slavery today.
Reconstruction: Following the Civil War, efforts were made to rebuild the South and reunite the country. Learn how Reconstruction policies affected people in the South, including freed slaves.
Jim Crow: Slavery may have ended with the Civil War, but the Confederacy’s defeat marked the beginning of a new kind of oppression.
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka: This landmark Supreme Court decision paved the way for integration and was a major victory of the civil rights movement.
Civil Rights: Learn about the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s – what it is, why it’s important, and how its legacy continues today.

Profiles in Activism
Muhammad Ali: Discover the story of this champion boxer and beloved activist whose confidence was always on display, whether he was fighting opponents in the ring or injustice in society.
Fannie Lou Hamer: The courage and persistence of this activist and many like her, helped secure passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, an important victory in the fight for equal rights.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Explore the inspiring life of this civil rights leader, and discover how his protests led to Supreme Court decisions banning segregation.
Motown: At a time of deep racial segregation in America, Detroit entrepreneur Berry Gordy founded Motown Records, creating a legendary record label that was home to many iconic musical acts.
Jackie Robinson: He broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball and endured a lot of abuse on the field. He went on to carve out a brilliant career, and he’s the only player whose jersey number was retired by every baseball team.
Tuskegee Airmen: As the first Black military pilots in the United States Armed Forces, these true American heroes battled Nazis abroad and discrimination back home.
Malcolm X: He was a charismatic civil rights leader who advocated for Black empowerment, and inspired future generations with his fearless approach to fighting for equality. 

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