SAC Chairs are encouraged to view all presentations with the SAC membership.

Purpose of SAC
Overview of the reason schools have SACs

SAC Governance
Overview of the laws that govern SAC

Attracting and Maintaining SAC Membership
Overview of strategies to recruit and maintain SAC Membership

SAC Membership and Officers
Overview of roles and responsibilities for SAC Members and Officers

SAC Election Procedures
Overview of the processes and procedures when electing SAC Officers

SAC Bylaws
Overview of the various topics and guidance in establishing your SAC Bylaws

SAC Meetings
Overview of how to conduct SAC Meetings

SAC Minutes of Meetings 
Overview of the requirements regarding taking and maintaining SAC minutes

Budget and Funding Revenues  
Overview of SACs responsibility regarding funding and budgets

2015 Open Government Overview PowerPoint
Florida Attorney General Training Website for Florida Sunshine Law

The School District of Palm Beach County