Engage in curriculum activities, learn how to code, listen to motivating speakers, and connect to online sites and programs this summer. Explore interests in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology and the Arts by staying engaged in your learning throughout the summer.



Elementary, middle and high school students can continue to practice math and have fun learning or reinforcing the skills they have in throughout the summer.  You will also find apps that can prepare you for higher learning and college readiness.


Elementary students can become a Field Ranger and secondary students can enhance their knowledge with activities designed by our Curriculum Department.  All students can also explore science sites such as PBS, NASA, Hippo Campus, Google EarthSky and online museums.

Social Studies

Students can learn about the Civics, U.S. and World History Geography and more.  Other topics include the Library of Congress, Smithsonian and listen to social studies TEDEd talks.  All students and families can also learn about Financial Literacy.

S.T.E.M., Logic & Coding

S.T.E.M integrates the multiple subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Explore all the activities and projects that can be done with resources from NASA, MIT, Discovery Education, STEM in Sports and from Women in STEM.  Want to program a computer? See the logic and coding resources below.

Art & Music

Exposure to the arts promotes creativity, learning and sharpens critical and creative skills. Visit a collection online or produce your own art or music.

Online Learning

Summer is a great time to learn something new.  You can take a course online through Khan Academy, learn a new technical skill or listen to a TEDEd lesson or discussion and more.