Entry Plan

90-Day Entry Plan Findings Introduction

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dear School Board Members, Staff and Community:
June 12, 2015 I was officially sworn in as Superintendent for the School District of Palm Beach County.

Each and every day my work is driven by my commitment to ensure all children have equitable opportunities to learn, achieve and follow their dreams.

My first priority has been to listen and learn from all of the stakeholders who have valuable information and experiences to share. My goal, as out lined in my 90-Day Entry Plan, was to acquire the information and knowledge needed to serve as the foundation on which to create a strategic plan. That plan will drive the District over the next five years. The plan will build upon the many successes the District has enjoyed, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. The plan will serve as a shared vision for the future of our students and their families, our employees, and our community.

I am pleased to report that the 90-day Entry Plan produced the strategic themes and outcomes that it was designed to achieve. Through directly engaging over 10,000 District stakeholders, and an additional 8,000 who shared their thoughts via an online survey, the following strategic themes have surfaced:

  • Effective and relevant instruction to meet the needs of all students
  • Positive and supportive school climate
  • Talent development
  • High performance culture

Additionally, the following priorities have emerged:

  • Increase reading proficiency by 3rd grade
  • Ensure high school readiness
  • Increase the high school graduation rate
  • Foster post-graduate success

These priorities will be the long-term outcomes of our five-year strategic plan. The School Board will define success as they establish the measurable goal attached to each outcome. Staff will develop the strategic plan initiatives that will achieve the identified goals. Ensuring the plan’s success will require that I consider the following:

  • District’s structure
  • Allocation of human and financial resources
  • Quarterly measurement (scorecards) results
  • Detailed project management tasks, timeline and budgets
  • Aligning my evaluation to the strategic plan’s goals

Within the 90-Day Entry Plan Findings report you will find an account for each item that was identified in my original entry plan.
This truly is our time to make a difference as we are currently standing together at a crossroads—we can either choose to continue with the status quo or move in a direction that allows us to not only succeed but excel. I am asking you to join me on a path that allows us to make great strides by building on our current successes and forging new paths through innovative thinking and actions.


Dr. Robert M. Avossa


The School District of Palm Beach County