Strategic Plan Development

The School District of Palm Beach County is in the process of developing its next strategic plan, that will outline the District’s top priorities over the next three to five years and provide a collective focus for us as an organization.

All of the resources created around the development of the next strategic plan will be centralized here so that students, parents, community organizations, District employees, and other stakeholders can follow along as the development process unfolds over the next several months.

We hope you will access these resources frequently and choose to get involved by sharing your feedback with us; the School District of Palm Beach County is listening! More information on opportunities for involvement can be found under Quick Links.

Thank you for your continued interest in this process and we look forward to your participation! Please note, all questions and/or feedback related to the next strategic plan can be sent at any time to

Timeline for Strategic Plan Development

On March 3, 2021, District staff shared the following development timeline with Board Members. It outlines how the process will unfold over the next six months in order to have a final, Board-approved plan in place before the first day of the 2021-2022 school year.

 Activity - 2021 March April May June July August
Monthly Steering Committee Meetings March 22 April 16 May 12 June 9 July 13
August 5
Complete Internal Needs Assessment
 Phase I Engagement - Reflections
Board Reviews Draft Goals and Associated Measures Confirmed May 26
Phase 2 Engagement - Focus Groups Late May Early June
Board Approves Goals and Associated Measures July 21/28

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Feedback collected from students, parents, community organizations, District employees, and other stakeholders will be used to inform the development of draft goals and associated measures for the next strategic plan.

A stakeholder engagement subcommittee composed of internal District staff representing multiple departments has created an engagement plan that includes a Phase 1 Survey for collecting community input as well as Phase 2 Focus Groups. The stakeholder engagement plan was designed to provide individuals with multiple outlets for feedback, and a high level overview of the plan can be seen below.

Phase 1


Evaluar - Evalye - Avaliar

Start, Stop, Continue Reflection Activity using current strategic plan:

  • School Board (Today)
  • District Staff
  • School-based Employees
  • Community*
Phase 2


Validar - Valide - Validar

Goals and associated measures
drafted by Steering Committee
based on feedback collected
during Phase 1; drafts shared
with focus groups to inform
needed revisions:

  • School Board (May 19)
  • District Staff
  • School-Based Employees
  • Community*

Phase 3

July and Beyond

Cultivar - Devlope - Aperfeiçoar

Revisions to draft goals and
associated measures made by
Steering Committee based on
targeted feedback collected during
Phase 2 focus groups; share
revised goals and associated
measures with School Board for
approval (July 21).

Engage all stakeholders in implementation efforts.

*The term Community is used to include parents, students, business partners, non-profits, municipalities, elected officials, etc.
The School District of Palm Beach County