Drafts Under Consideration

On June 2, the first draft of themes, goals, and measures was shared with members of the public and School Board during a Strategic Plan workshop. The draft represents the work of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee to-date. The themes, goals, and measures were informed by Phase 1 Survey results, which provided initial feedback on what the District should start, stop, and continue as part of its next Strategic Plan. The survey had over 28,000 responses and was open to all District employees, parents, students, and community members.

The District, in partnership with Steering Committee Members, is conducting Focus Groups throughout the month of June to solicit feedback on the draft plan elements seen below. If you have not participated in a Focus Group and would like to share your thoughts, please email:

The next draft incorporating revisions based on Focus Group feedback is anticipated in late June/early July.

The School District of Palm Beach County