Surveys/Opportunities to Get Involved

Feedback collected from students, parents, community organizations, District employees, and other stakeholders will play a critical role in the development process of the District's next strategic plan. This feedback will be collected in two phases.

More information on Phases 1 and 2 of the stakeholder engagement plan can be found below. Additionally, feedback and/or questions related to the next strategic plan can be sent at any time to

Phase 1 Feedback Survey

The School District of Palm Beach County Phase 1 Feedback Survey was open from Monday, March 22 - Friday, April 9, 2021. It was available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese. We encouraged all students, parents, District employees, and Palm Beach County community members to complete their survey before it closed on April 9. A summary of results will be shared publicly after the survey closes, however all responses are anonymous and will be kept confidential. As a reminder, Phase 1 input will inform drafts of potential goals and associated measures for consideration as part of the next strategic plan.

Phase 2 Focus Groups

The School District of Palm Beach County will organize Phase 2 Focus Groups in late May to provide students, parents, District employees, and Palm Beach County community members with an additional opportunity to provide feedback on the actual goals and measures once they are drafted. This is a critical step in the stakeholder engagement plan, since focus group input will be used to refine goals and measures before the Board ultimately approves them in late July or early August. Focus groups will primarily be held in a virtual setting, although small, in-person gatherings may be considered depending on future COVID-related recommendations. A schedule of focus groups will be posted to this page in early May, so please check back frequently!

Please email if:

  1. You represent a community organization interested in co-hosting a focus group (in collaboration with the District; either virtual or in-person).
  2. You would like more information on how to participate in a Phase 2 Focus Group (and you did NOT indicate your interest as part of the Phase 1 Feedback Survey).
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