Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Detention Center

"Our Children, Our Future"

Program Description

PBRJDC falls under the category of a detention center. Detention centers are juvenile facilities operated by DJJ that detain students while they are awaiting their court appearances or placement in a commitment facility.

Student Eligibility Criteria

Students in DJJ/Youth Service Programs are:

  • Students who have been court-adjudicated to a detention, commitment, rehabilitation, or day treatment.  Commitment means any facility where the courts have adjudicated youth or have recommended placement.
  • In varying levels of commitment, and are awaiting trial or sentencing, or who are deemed neglected, dependent, or delinquent.

Palm Beach Regional Juvenile Detention Center Edline

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Dr. Geoff McKee

Instructional Superintendent

Support Services

Mrs. Shelia Lawrence 

Assistant Principal

(561) 357-5945
Fax - (561)841-0113